General conditions for booking, events and cancellations


The booking is fixed by previous payment of 100%. The ticket is valid for the number of persons mentioned, for the date and specified excursion.

The consumer may cancel the service prior to departure and depending on the date when the cancellation is made, the customer will get refunded on the following way:

Till 15 days before departure: 100% refund
Till 10 days before departure: 95% refund
Till 3 days before departure: 85% refund
Till 48 hours previous to departure: 75% refund
Till 24 hours previous to departure: 50% refund
Within 24 hours previous to departure: 0 refund

Till 21 days before the departure: 100% refund
Till 14 days before the departure: 75% refund
Till 7 days before the departure: 50% refund
Within 7 days prior to the departure: 0 refund

If the client does not show up at the estimated time before the departure, he has no right to receive back the amount paid, except if there is another agreement reached between the parties.

In case that the company cancels the trip, the customer will have the right to receive a refund of any amounts paid, or to make use of the service another day.

The obligation to compensate the consumer does not exist when the cancellation of the excursion is due to ‘Force Majeure’ understanding those circumstances to be unforeseeable and beyond control of the company, whose consequences could not have been avoided (including the weather conditions), in spite of having acted with the due diligence.
In this case, the client receives a ticket with the same value as bought, to use it another day during the season.

The consumer has an obligation to communicate any complaints or unsatisfactory services during the trip, directly on the boat, or in any case, as soon as possible, in writing or in a formal manner.

Reservation terms:

To formalize the reservation of the activity/event, the payment of the 50% of the total amount, is needed. The remaining amount is to be paid latest 20 days before the event.

Cancellation by the client

If the cancellation of the event occurs due to client wish, the cancellation costs depends on the period of cancellation: more than 180 days before the event, the cancellation cost is null; with more than 20 days before the event, the costs is 50% of the total amount; between 20 and 5 days before the event, the cost is 75% of the total amount; and during the last 5 days, the cost is 100% of the total amount.

Cancellation by Mundo Marino

If the weather is not suitable for sailing, the client can change the event date for another one, previously accorded with the boat company. However, the costs of services such as displacement of additional boats or the catering will be paid by the client. The decision of the start and/or the normal development of the event is exclusively made by the Mundo Marino technical staff. If the client cannot change the date of the event, the cost of the cancellation is 15% of the activity value as administrative expenses, plus the extra costs if there are any (eventual displacement of the catamaran, additional vessels, catering, etc.) .

When the catering and drinks are not provided by Mundo Marino or the client brings his own food and drinks, there is an extra fee of 200€ +VAT for the final cleaning (use of the facilities on board - kitchen, fridges, bar is included). When the catering and drinks are provided by Mundo Marino, this extra fee will not be charged.

The validity of the offer is 15 days from the day it was sent, if not mentioned otherwise in the offer.
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